What Is Son-Rise?

Above is a picture of Raun Kaufman, the FIRST child to be in a Son-Rise program 40 years ago! His parents developed a way to bring him out of his autism simply by building a bridge from our world to his. As a Son-Rise mom, I strive to make our world so inviting that Leon chooses to engage with us. We utilize his motivations, celebrate his interactions and engage him with enthusiasm and energy!

Son-Rise is a parent-led program based on love, acceptance and a belief that children with autism can recover. I have been trained to be my child’s best therapist and to lead a team of volunteers to work with him in our home.

ATAC, Autism Treatment Center of America™, the worldwide teaching center for The Son-Rise Program® has many books, videos and resources that you can check out to learn more. My favorite book and a great place to get started is Autism Breakthrough. This youTube video, Autism Solution: Getting Started With The Son-Rise Program® packs in a lot of information and gives a wonderful introduction to the history and methods of Son-Rise.

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Play dates!

Would your child like to help Leon become a better play mate?

Leon has done so amazing this past year in his Son-Rise program, progressing through the developmental model, getting more flexible, socially interactive and communicative that our ATAC  counselor has given us the green light to begin structured 1:1 play dates with a peer.

Ideally, we are looking for a child 5-8 years old who can come over and play for about 1 hour once or twice a week for a few months. I will set them up with a game or two in our playroom, stay in the room for a few minutes and then observe from a distance. Hopefully they will continue on their own but they can play as they wish, together or not.

Playing with a one peer in a quiet, comfortable space without the noise of his brothers and other kids, is an amazing opportunity for Leon to build his social skills and gain confidence. By observing them, I can see which areas need the most attention.

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What Is Son-Rise?

What Does a Son-Rise Volunteer Do?

What Does a Son-Rise Volunteer Do?

Play! Act silly! Be free! Learn and practice letting go of personal judgments!

Leon’s Son-Rise sessions are opportunities for him to grow in all areas of personal development, specifically the domains which are challenging for people with autism – flexibility, verbal communication, interactive attention span and eye-contact/non-verbal communication. We do this through play, using his motivations and celebrating in a big way when he achieves a goal!

Here is a short video of a dual play session with Leon, myself and a volunteer. Obviously what we are doing is walking on our knees with stuffed cats on our heads and then tossing them around the room! But the goals being worked are increasing his flexibility and attention span for games led by others. You see, Leon can play some games with another person but they often have to be done his way, by his rules, following a his set routine. For example, he likes to line up the stuffed cats and make them all say meow in funny voices. We can do this routine over and over again 20 times and that’s OK. That is joining the Son-Rise way! But when he is open to it (giving us a green light) we encourage and inspire him to reach his goals.

Working in the playroom this way has helped me tap into my creativity and BE in the moment. To be in the moment, I’ve had to let go of so many beliefs and judgments that are holding me back. If I’m thinking, “Leon said ‘no’ to my idea. I’m not creative, I can’t do this”, I’m not being in the moment. In the moment is:  “I got a ‘no’ on that idea. Now I’m going to try something else!” And then celebrating the Son-Rise way when he says yes!

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