Play dates!

Would your child like to help Leon become a better play mate?

Leon has done so amazing this past year in his Son-Rise program, progressing through the developmental model, getting more flexible, socially interactive and communicative that our ATAC  counselor has given us the green light to begin structured 1:1 play dates with a peer.

Ideally, we are looking for a child 5-8 years old who can come over and play for about 1 hour once or twice a week for a few months. I will set them up with a game or two in our playroom, stay in the room for a few minutes and then observe from a distance. Hopefully they will continue on their own but they can play as they wish, together or not.

Playing with a one peer in a quiet, comfortable space without the noise of his brothers and other kids, is an amazing opportunity for Leon to build his social skills and gain confidence. By observing them, I can see which areas need the most attention.

Contact me for more info!

What Is Son-Rise?

What Does a Son-Rise Volunteer Do?

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