What Is Son-Rise?

Above is a picture of Raun Kaufman, the FIRST child to be in a Son-Rise program 40 years ago! His parents developed a way to bring him out of his autism simply by building a bridge from our world to his. As a Son-Rise mom, I strive to make our world so inviting that Leon chooses to engage with us. We utilize his motivations, celebrate his interactions and engage him with enthusiasm and energy!

Son-Rise is a parent-led program based on love, acceptance and a belief that children with autism can recover. I have been trained to be my child’s best therapist and to lead a team of volunteers to work with him in our home.

ATAC, Autism Treatment Center of America™, the worldwide teaching center for The Son-Rise Program® has many books, videos and resources that you can check out to learn more. My favorite book and a great place to get started is Autism Breakthrough. This youTube video, Autism Solution: Getting Started With The Son-Rise Program® packs in a lot of information and gives a wonderful introduction to the history and methods of Son-Rise.

Are you interested in being a part of Leon’s Son-Rise Program? Read What Does a Son-Rise Volunteer Do? And Join Us!

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